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Increase in Commercial Real Estate Sales

According to Bilgiçler Yapı Board Member Ali Emre Bilgiç, there has been a considerable surge in commercial real estate sales, with offices and commercial units selling quickly.

Ali Emre Bilgiç, a member of the Board of Directors of Bilgiçler Yapı, reported a significant increase in commercial real estate sales, noting that there has been a great deal of activity in the sales of offices and commercial units. According to a statement from Bilgiçler Yapı, a report titled “Real Estate Market Outlook” prepared by Cushman & Wakefield I TR International indicated that the office occupancy rate in Istanbul reached its highest level in the past 10 years. TUIK, on the other hand, announced a decrease in the number of houses sold in August compared to the previous year. Bilgiç, whose views were included in the statement, stated that they observed a significant increase in commercial real estate sales, stating, “We observe that investors are turning to commercial real estate due to the high income potential. There has been a significant movement in the sales of offices and commercial units. We observe that the supply-demand balance is progressing positively. However, if this demand continues, the balance may be disrupted, and prices may increase.” Bilgiç emphasized the investment potential and commercial needs being together. Mentioning that commercial real estate is a safe haven for investors, Bilgiç noted that interest in commercial real estate has increased as the impact of the pandemic diminishes. Bilgiç stated, “The e-commerce sector, which has seen significant growth during this period, has also increased demand for commercial areas by using them for storage and logistics. We observe that not only business people but also investors are showing interest in commercial real estate apart from housing, thanks to its rental returns and stable income flow. There are 300,000 commercial units awaiting transformation in Istanbul. The need for earthquake-resistant real estate and the search for more sustainable and modern workspaces are also emerging as the reasons for market dynamism, bringing new momentum to commercial projects.” Bilgiç emphasized that the AKTİM Çarşı and AKTİM Ofis projects, consisting of a total of 332 offices and commercial shops on a 22,000 square meter plot in Bayrampaşa, were a “masterpiece.” He stated, “We announced three months ago that we would launch our project and that we would launch it in September. Even before the launch, we encountered intense demand from our investors who had previously shopped with our previous projects and our customers who follow our projects. We have already sold 16% of the commercial units in our project before the launch. Among the business people showing intense interest in the project, there are also those who will buy commercial real estate for the first time. The fact that commercial real estate is one of the most profitable investment instruments in terms of return on investment period also leads investors to our projects.” According to the information provided, the company, which has made its mark with investments totaling 7 billion 100 million TL in housing and commercial real estate projects in the last 7 years, attracted attention with the AKTİM1, AKTİM2, and AKTİM3 projects. Starting from 2016, Bilgiçler Yapı, which brought 141 thousand square meters of commercial real estate to life, has started the construction of its new projects AKTİM Çarşı and AKTİM Ofis.


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